Beer and Specialty Cocktail List
Beers on Tap

Green Flash “Le Freak” 10 oz $7.50
Hybrid of Trippel & IPA
ABV 9.2%

BNS “Ole Prospector” Red Ale $7.00
American Amber, Santee
ABV 6.5%

Alesmith “Nut Brown” $6.75
English Brown Ale
ABV 5.5%

Belching Beaver PB Stout $7.00
Peanut Butter Milk Stout
ABV 5.3%

Mother Earch “Cali Creamin” $7.00
Vanilla Cream Ale
ABV 5.2%

Avery “White Rascal” $6.75
Belgian White Ale
ABV 5.6%

St. Archer Pale Ale $6.50
American Pale Ale
ABV 5.5%

Stone Delicious IPA $7.00
American IPA
ABV 7.7%

Sculpin IPA $7.50
Ballast Point Brewery
ABV 7%

BNS “Revolver” IPA $7.00
El Cajon local beer
ABV 6.5%

Stella Artois $5.75
Belgium Pilsner
ABV 5.2%

Coors Light $4.50
ABV 4.2%

Bottled Beer

Grapefruit Sculpin, Ballast Point $7.50
Guinness $4.75
New Castle Brown $4.75
Stella “Cidre” Hard Cider $5.50
Peroni $4.75
Angelo Poretti “Boch Chiara” $4.75
Heinekin $4.75
Corona $4.575
Pacifico $4.75
Coors Original $4.25
Budweiser $4.25
Coors Light $4.25
Bud Light $4.25
Miller Light $4.75
Amstell Light $4.75
Michelob Ultra $4.75
O’Douls non-alcoholic $3.75


Specialty Cocktails

Elderflower Martini $12.00
Grey Goose Pear Vodka, St Germain Liqueur, Fresh Squeezed Lemons, Sprite and a splash of Lemonade

Melon Madness $11.00
Grey Goose le Melon, Cruzan Mango Rum, Midori, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine and Fresh Cantaloupe

Med Lemon Drop $9.75
Absolut Citron, Chambord Raspberry Liquor, Sweet n’ Sour & Squeeze of lemon

The Dirty $12.00
Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Olive Juice with Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives

Alpine Sunset $10.00
Buffalo Trace, Grand Marnier, Sour Mix, Honey Simple Syrup and Orange Bitters Topped with an Orange & Fresh Basil

Top Shelf Long Island $12.50
Stoli Vodka, Bombay Gin, Bacardi Superior Rum, Triple Sec, Sweet n Sour and Coke

Guava Mai Tai $9.50
Cruzan Guava Rum, Malibu Rum, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Grenadine and a Float of Meyer’s Dark Jamaican Rum

Strawberry Martini $10.25
Pearl Red Berry Vodka, Strawberry Puree, Splash of Sweet n Sour and a dash of Sprite
Served with Sugared Rim and a Fresh Strawberry

Cucumber Collins $11.75
Bombay Gin, Pearl Cucumber Vodka, Sweet n’ sour, Fresh Cucumbers

Spumoni Martini $9.75
Absolut Vanilla, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Midori and Grenadine

Raspberry Mojito $11.00
Cruzan Rum, Fresh Mint, Fresh Lime, Raspberry Puree, Simple Syrup & soda

The Old Fashioned $10.00
Maker’s Mark, Bitters and a dash of Sugar
Topped with Cherry and Orange

Black Martini $10.25
Godiva White Chocolate, Butter shots, vanilla vodka & Dash of Espresso