Dessert Menu

Cassata Al Forno $8.75
The decadent Sicilian baked pie filled with sweet creamy ricotta cheese, chocolate chips & cinnamon

Tiramisu $8.25
Lady fingers soaked in espresso & brandy liqueur and topped with mascarpone cheese

Cannoli $8.25
A hard shell filled with sweet creamy ricotta cheese

Creme Brûlée $8.25
A delicious cream custard topped with caramelized sugar & fresh berries

Mamma’s New York Cheesecake $8.75
Light, fluffy house-made New York Cheescake

Chocolate Lava Cake $9.75
A rich chocolate souffle with a delicious hot chocolaty molten center. Topped with vanilla gelato.

Gelato $7.50
Espresso, Chocolate, Pistachio or Vanilla

Sorbet $7.50
Lemon, Orange or Mango served in a fruit rind

Tartufo $8.50
Chocolate gelato with a cream center surrounded by caramelized hazelnuts and rolled in cocoa powder

Spumoni Bomba $8.75
Strawberry, pistachio and chocolate gelato all coated with chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate

Dessert Flight $12.00
Trio of a Mini Cannoli, Mini Creme Brulee & Mini Mamma’s New York Cheesecake

Dessert of the Day Ask your server


Espresso $2.50

Double Espresso $4.00

Cafe Mocha $4.00

Cappuccino $3.75

Latte $3.75

Cafe Americano $2.75

Coffee $2.50

Hot Tea $2.75


Italian Coffee  $8.50
frangelico, amaretto, coffee & cream

Mexican Coffee $8.50
Kahlua, tequila, coffee & cream

Keoke $8.50
Brandy, Kahlua, Creme de Coco, coffee & cream