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Our Story

Mamma Anna and Giovanni came to the US in 1962 and continued what they started in Sicily, cooking dishes from the soul for guests in their dining room. When Anna Maria was born, she spent a lot of time in Sicily and did not want to move to America. In desperation, Mamma Anna introduced her to Enzo, a waiter she worked closely with, in the hopes that she would fall in love and want to stay in America – and fall in love she did.

There began the next generation of hospitality, with a focus on the front of the house, as Enzo & Anna Maria worked in dining rooms from Sicily to New York to San Diego.

Fast forward 20 years, in comes Gian Paolo & Eliana, the third generation of hospitalians-both of whom were in Anna Maria’s womb as she roamed through the dining room interacting with guests! You could say they were literally raised inside restaurants for their entire lives!

After 50 years of cooking from the soul, and three generations of restaurateurs, the Croce family gives you Mediterraneo!

Buon Appetito!